A Stephen Minister is…

…a lay member of St. John’s who has received special training and continuing education  to enhance their listening and caring skills in order to help those who hurt. They provide confidential care and comfort through visits, phone call, cards and prayers. They are not a counselor, but a caring friend to walk along side someone during their time of grief, sadness or loss.  

What is the purpose of a Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister is there to walk with you through life’s journey and offer Christ like care during a special time of need. Sometimes you just need someone to listen. Sometimes it’s just a friend or companion, so you know that you are not alone.

Will anyone know I have a Stephen Minister?

Each relationship is confidential. Only the care receiver, the care giver and the leaders of the program know the names of those in a care relationship.

How long does the care relationship last?

Generally the relationship lasts as long as it is wanted or needed. This can be as short as a few months or a year or two depending on the situation and care needed.

How often do the care giver and care receiver meet?

The care givers or Stephen Ministers normally make one visit per week. However, there are times when the situation may require more contact and towards the end of a relationship the contacts maybe less frequent, typically monthly.

Who do I contact?

Call or email the Pastor, a Stephen Minister Leader or advisor with any questions for yourself or someone you know that might benefit. All inquiries and relationships are confidential

More Information....

A brochure can be viewed here:  Click Here (or right-mouse click and choose save-as to download)

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