Would you like to have more freedom in your life?


Freedom Session is a healing journey designed to help us move from areas in our lives where we feel stuck, to greater levels of freedom and hope. 

Here are a few examples of areas in our lives where Freedom Session can help. 

·        low self-esteem

·       people pleasing

·        handling criticism or confrontation

·       co-dependency

·        victimization

·       excessive guilt feelings

·        repressing conflict or pain in life

·       impulsiveness

·        procrastination

·       need for control

·        depression

·       broken relationships 

·        addictions

  1. Each week you will find practical video teaching and a safe small group community where you will find acceptance and support.

  2. We will walk together through a process of how to find Jesus in our pain and how to deal with our pasts in a new way.

  3. We use a revised version of the 12 steps along with practical teaching from God’s Word to give real hope and a clear future.  Groups meet on Thursday nights for 2 consecutive 10 week sessions, running from January through May.

  4. Freedom Session has been used with people from every walk of life, every economic level, and virtually every area of struggle. Come and join others who are seeking and finding healing from the pain and wounds in their lives.

  5. In 2017, a new Freedom Session curriculum was introduced.  It is broken up into 20 weeks of Freedom Session,  including 2 workbooks - Facing the Truth, and Finding Freedom.   There is also a followup course, Authentic Living. We are currently in the midst of Authentic Living and will be beginning a new Freedom Session journey in January, 2020.  Registrations will be accepted in December.  This video will also give you a feel for what to expect:

    What is Freedom Session?  

Your life will never be the same!