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After spending 3 days in a type of Canada Boot Camp before they travelled here, and having some training at the Vancouver Airport upon arrival, a very tired Dad Nizar, Mom Meryem, Yezen who will be 2 in July, and Abdulkafi who is 5, arrived on May 25, and seem to be settling in quite well.

Immigration Services have a key role in helping them do so. They have arranged for a volunteer interpreter who is helping the family, and working with our committee. He has been a tremendous help to the family, and the committee. This past week, Immigration Services arranged for English classes for Nizar and Meryem. Learning English will be one of their most important tasks for the next few months. They were very eager to begin the classes.  They will attend the English classes daily from 9am to noon and the boys will be taken care of in the daycare that is offered.  

The first week was quite busy for the family. In addition to a number of trips for some of the immigration and new arrival things to happen, members of the committee have had some delightful initial visits, helped along with Google Translate. (And some giggles with the sometimes amusing translations it comes up with.) The family invited some of the committee for coffee on Saturday. Sunday a member of the committee took Meryem grocery shopping. Monday it was arranged for a family from St. John’s to take the Alilis to a park, where the kids played together. Wednesday some of the ladies from the committee enjoyed afternoon coffee (turkish), with a traditional rice dish Meryem had prepared. 

We anticipate the next week will not have as many visits, as the family settles in. We will be arranging for them to begin having visits and meeting people at coffee shops as they begin to get integrated into the community. Watch for further information on how you can be participate in that. 

The committee is very grateful to the many people who gave so much for the Alili’s apartment to be a beautiful place for them to begin their time in Canada. Meryem and Nazir have expressed their appreciation, and we are considering an event, perhaps this September, where they can express their thanks to all who have helped give them such a good start in their new home. 

With much appreciation to all of you, and thanksgiving to GOD, 


The Refugee Committee

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